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In Year Admissions

An 'in year admission' is when a child already attends a school but wishes to transfer to another school outside of the usual transfer time, for example because the child is moving to a new address. These transfers take place during the academic year, which is why they are referred to as in year admissions.


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September Admissions - Reception and Junior

Applications for admission into primary, infant, junior and middle schools to start in September open during November of the previous year and close in the January of the year of admission. Online applications can still be made after that date but will be treated as late applications. A guide for parents and carers of children applying for a primary place (Reception Classes) or  junior school (Year 3) for academic year 2017-18 is available by clicking on the link below:




If your child is in Year 2 at an infant school you must apply for a place at a junior school.


The website includes an interactive copy of the “Applying for a school place” booklet and a directory for all schools with reception classes, junior schools and middle schools in Hertfordshire.


It is recommend that you visit the website to view the admissions booklet and apply online because:


  • it is quick, easy to use and secure
  • you will receive immediate confirmation that your application
    has been received and you can view it at any time
  • you can change your application at any time up to the closing date
  • you can accept the school place offered online


If you do not have internet access at home you can use the internet at your local library free of charge.


If you are unable to apply online you can request a booklet, which includes the application form
and a local school directory by calling 0300 123 4043.


Nursery Applications

To enquire about places currently available in our nursery here at Icknield (for children born between 1 September 2012 and 31 August 2013) please contact the School Office.


The nursery admissions process for September 2017 is for children born between 1 September 2013 and 31 August 2014.  A leaflet "Applying for a school nursery place for 2017-2018" will be sent to all parents/carers of children who are registered with a Hertfordshire GP.  


For further information, please click on the link below:







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