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The Roles of the Governing Body

The Governing Body is made up of a group of 10 individuals with a wide variety of experiences and skills. The Governing Body includes the Head Teacher, other school staff, parents and local people.

The Governors are all volunteers who make their contribution to the school by carrying out their three key roles.

  1. Strategic
    We help to decide the school’s direction, helping to develop the School Development Plan, the school budget and school policies.
  2. A ‘Critical Friend’
    We provide the head teacher and staff with support, advice and information, drawing on our members’ knowledge and experience. We ask challenging questions and press for improvement, whilst promoting the interests of the school, its staff and pupils. We check that the school’s policies are being followed and reviewed. We look at results and ensure that the school is meeting the highest targets.
  3. Accountable
    We are jointly accountable to the community and parents for the performance of the school. We make parents aware of what we do and listen to parents’ views.

How We Fulfil Our Roles

We are organised in the same way as most companies.

We have a chair to keep the group on course, guide meetings and ensure everything is being done as and when required.


We meet twice a term as a full Governing Body. Copies of the minutes of the latest meeting will always be available from the school office for you to see what we have discussed and decided.


In between our Full Governing Body meetings smaller committee meetings take place to work on specific areas such as Resources and Pay.


Governors visit the school regularly and linked governors monitor a particular area or subject.


WHO is on the Governing Body?


Type of Governor

Judith Candy (Chair)


Richard Light (Vice Chair) Co-opted

Jackie Egan

Head Teacher

Fiona Gascoigne


Jess Robson


Teresa Croxford

Clerk to Governors

Christopher Grimes


Andy Day Parent
Julie Maylin Co-opted
Jo Hollis Co-opted
Viv Gilmour Co-opted
Nete Fleming LA
Catherine Mabb Co-opted
Teresa Croxford Clerk

Linked Governors

Linked Governors have a specific responsibility to oversee a particular area or subject and to report their findings at each Full Governors meeting

Chair of Governors

Judith Candy
Vice Chair Richard Light
English Richard Light
Maths Judith Candy (to be passed to Andy Day)
Science Vacant (Richard standing in - Judith to take over)


Safeguarding Judith Candy
Looked After Children

Judith Candy

Governor Development Coordinator

Judith Candy

Governor Visits Coordinator


Head Teacher Performance Management

Judith Candy & Richard Light

Data Governor Richard Light
Children's Centre Advisory Board Rep TBC
Academy Governor TBC
Marketing and PR Governor Christopher Grimes


How to contact us


If you wold like to talk to a member of the governing body about our work or if you would like to discuss how to join the governing body then contact the school office with your name, the name of your child and your contact details.


Governors Report for 2016 / 2017


Governor Activity


Governing Body meetings

The governing Body has met twice a term as a full governing body during 2016/17.



The Premises committee has met once or twice every term.







Pupil Premium working party has met and this committee will meet again in the summer term to follow up the progress achieved.


30 Nursery Hours working party has met twice this year.



The governors have set the strategic direction for the school in the School Development Plan and have actively challenged and monitored the school.


The spend against budget has been reviewed and monitored in detail. The new budget has been reviewed and approved. The progress against the premises plan has been monitored. Personal and pay issues have been monitored.



Governors have challenged and monitored our use and effectiveness of the additional budget Pupil Premium budget we receive.



This committee has reviewed and agreed how we will respond to the new possibilities for nursery hours to be extended to 30 hours for some families.

Governor visits

Governors have been actively visiting every aspect of school life during the year. We have kept a record of our visits so that we can ensure that we see a wide variety of different aspects of school life.



Governors are well informed about the real life of the school and so they can take well informed decisions.

Linked Governors


The linked governors for Maths and English have visited the school every term and reviewed the data on children’s progress and attainment, and monitored the action plans in the school development plan.




The reports from these visits have been shared with all governors so we are all able to monitor the good progress in these key areas.



This year the governors have undertaken training in Safeguarding.

Governors also received training in the use of Pupil Premium Funding.

New governors have attended Governor Induction courses.

The Safeguarding Governor has also attended a number of additional training courses specific to Safeguarding .

Governors have updated their knowledge and skills in order to face the challenges ahead.


The annual Safeguarding checklist has been reviewed and completed and the Annual report to Governors produced,

The Safeguarding governor has visited the school to audit some of the key safeguarding documents.

The governors see safeguarding as central to everything we do.

School Improvement

The data governor has met with the school leadership team and all governors have met every term this year.


Governors have worked with the Hertfordshire Improvement Partner in her visits to review standards and to report on progress, attainment and standards of teaching and learning.


We have reviewed the data about pupils’ progress and attainment, and ensured action plans are in place and to monitor improvement


The school has good, clear and measurable plans which are resulting in steady improvements over this year.





School Governing Body Meetings


During 2017/2018 full Governing Body Meetings will take place on:


30th October Strategic Planning Meeting

27th November Full Governing Body Meeting inc data


18th January Full Governing Body Meeting inc Autumn term data

7th March Training

16th May Budget Meeting inc Spring term data

28th June Full Governing Body Meeting

Governor's Details

Governor's Secure Page

Our 2017 Ofsted inspection commented - that we still provide good quality education & a stimulating & caring environment. Individual needs are well met & children quickly grow in confidence. There is a positive culture for safeguarding & pupils said that they feel happy & settled in school.

"I am amazing. Together we are magnificent!"

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