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Hello Everyone !


We have been getting to know our new friends and teachers in Nursery.  We have been looking at our faces in our investigation area and painting our own portraits. 



We have been busy exploring our outdoor area.  We have been developing our physical skills on bikes and balance equipment, exploring sand and digging patches and using our imagination in the Icknield Shop and Cosy Cottage.  On sunny days we have been looking after our Nursery plants and brushing away the falling leaves.  We have enjoyed making music outside too.



We are enjoying new learning experiences in our Nursery.  We have been busy at the writing table making marks with different writing tools, practising with scissors and using other equipment to support our work.  We have been making models with different types of equipment and experimenting with the playdough, sand and water.  We have been trying on outfits and accessories from the dressing up box and making up our own play in the home corner.



We enjoyed learning about Autumn.  We visited the apple tree on the school field and collected apples, leaves and twigs.  We made apple prints using paint and grated and sliced apples to taste in our kitchen.  We used our magnifying glasses and senses of touch and smell to look at the items on our investigation table.  We read stories and sang songs about harvest and scarecrows.  We brought in food items from home to make into parcels for our elderly neighbours.  We made our own scarecrow for our secret garden.  We made observational drawings of pumpkins and apples and made up our own funny pumpkin faces.



We have been investigating light as part of our Celebration Topic.  We have been really busy looking at different kinds of light and enjoying new light activities.  We have used chalks and paints to draw fireworks and have made our own firework pictures on the computer with the 2Publish+ programme.  We have used technology to shine lights in the quiet room and in the Dark Den.  We also shone our lights in the Secret Garden to see what animals we could find.  We have talked about fireworks and thought about the sounds that they make.



We have had lots of fun celebrating Diwali in the Nursery.  We decorated our "house" for Diwali with lights, rangoli patterns, divas and cards.  We learned special songs for Diwali and performed them in a special assembly for our parents and on our stage in the Nursery.  We have enjoyed dressing up in sparkly clothes and dancing to Indian music in the hall.  We all enjoyed tasting some Indian food too.


We have listened carefully to the story of Rama and Sita and used our story telling map, small world figures, puppets and masks to retell the story.  We worked at the writing table to make our own Diwali cards and added lots of glitter.  The Afternoon Nursery made divas out of clay and decorated them with jewels.

Children In Need - 18th November 2016


We enjoyed getting "all spotty" for Children In Need.  We wore spotty clothes and made a donation.  We had a surprise visit from Pudsey Bear who came to collect all our donations.  We sang a spotty song and iced spotty biscuits.  The Afternoon children had a special "Children In Need" "Fruity Friday" Treat.





After the Autumn Half Term Holiday, we started our Friday "Shared Reading" activity.  We are enjoying having parents, grandparents and siblings in to read and share books with us.  There are always lots of different books to look at including non fiction, stories, Big Books, comics and sound books.    Come along and join us on Friday at the beginning of the Nursery Session.



At the end of November our role play area was changed into a Christmas shop.  We brought in money from home so that we could buy a present for a special grown up.  Our Christmas shop had twinkling lights and music playing.  We used a shopping basket and chose a gift.  We counted our coins at the till and got a receipt.  We took our presents for gift wrapping and then wrote our labels.



We have been busy making things for Christmas.  In the Nursery we have made lots of sparkly stars and fluffy woolly sheep to add to the big Christmas displays in the hall.  We used gold and silver paint and lots of glitter and tinsel.   We have been working on our scissor skills and have cut out lots of yellow squares and rectangles to make windows for our Bethlehem scene in Nursery.  Make sure you come and have a good look !



Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came in at the beginning of December to join us for our Make A Decoration Day.  There were lots of different activities including icing and decorating Christmas cakes and biscuits, scrunching up tissue paper for our jolly Christmas wreaths, making fragrant pomanders with oranges and cloves, printing Christmas party hats and putting together paper chains and little tree decorations.  We had a lot of fun.



Christmas is a special and exciting time in our Nursery. 


We have been looking at numbers as we turn over the days on our advent calendar and count the days to Christmas.  We have enjoyed sharing Christmas stories and taking Christmas books home to read with our families.  We have been busy at the writing table making Christmas cards and using stamps and envelopes.  We have looked through magazines and written our own letters to Santa and developed our writing skills with fun Christmas activities.  We have listened to the story of the First Christmas and have enjoyed retelling the story in our own words.


We have enjoyed lots of creative activities, printing Christmas cards to take home, making angels from cardboard rolls and painting our own party hats.  We have learned lots of Christmas songs and were pleased to be able to perform them to our grown ups on sing-a-long day.  Our role play area was turned into a Christmas house with presents under the tree, stockings and Christmas food.


At our Nursery Christmas party a special visitor arrived, ringing bells and knocking on our door.  We were very excited to see Father Christmas and have the chance to chat with him.  Father Christmas gave us all a present to take home.


We also had a visit from the Theatre who told a story about Santa's Workshop. 



We have had fun exploring the outdoor area in the cold weather. We have made patterns with our fingers in the frost and looked at ice. We made a snowman for our playground.


We have cared for the birds by making bird cone feeders and hanging them from the tree. We have used binoculars to watch the birds from our classroom window. We have made our own Winter Robins and Blue Tits at the writing table, working on our cutting and mark making skills.


We have listened to the story of “The Gruffalo’s Child” and used puppets and props to retell the story ourselves. We have practised our numbers and used our singing voices to sing “5 Jolly Snowmen”.


We have enjoyed playing in the winter house, sitting by the fire and dressing up in warm clothes. We have made winter collages by selecting our own craft materials and resources. We painted our own snowmen and chose the number of buttons for their bodies.

CREATIVE FORTNIGHT - 30th of January - 10th of February


We had fun learning about life under the sea.  At register time we listened to music from Disney's "The Little Mermaid". 


We started off the first week with an "Under The Sea" Theatre visit.  We loved the singing and dancing and bright costumes.  Later on, the performers showed us how to move like different sea creatures and we learned a special dance routine.  We all really enjoyed the visit of Nick from the Glamba percsussion group.  He showed us all the rubbish that people throw into the sea and how we can use it to make music.  We used paint tins, old saucepans, plastic drums and tubing and even an old flip flop to make music !  We danced like shark and jelly fish to the beat of the drums.  We also had a visit from Richard the scuba driving instructor.  He taught us the names of lots of pieces of equipment and showed us how they worked.  We learned about the underwater hand signals that divers use to communicate.


We were busy in our classroom practising our cutting and mark making skills to make fish and submarines.  We had a under the sea tunnel for our role play and put on flippers and diving masks and practised our underwater hand signals.  We made observational paintings for under the sea display and investigated the shells at the science table.


In the second week we had a visit from Maryon Leaper the storyteller.  She told us a traditional story from New Zealand about how the rainbow shell got it's colours.  We had a visit from Victoria Houghton who showed us how to make sea creatures from clay.  We made some great starfish, sharks, shells and clown fish.  We made and decorated our own treasure chests and counted the "bottle top" treasures that we had collected from home.  Morning Nursery collected 394 and Afternoon Nursery collected 155.  


We finished creative fortnight off with a little party and a visit to the other classrooms in the school to see what they had made and learned. 



We enjoyed celebrating World Book Day on the 2nd March in Nursery.  We dressed up as our favourite book characters and had a big parade in the hall to show everyone our costumes.  We made our own books at the writing table and were authors ourselves.  We had a visit from Minnie Gray, a real author who talked to us about her ideas for stories and how she writes books.  She shared some of her stories with us.  Morning and Afternoon Nursery wrote their own stories about "Diver Dan and Scrubbing Brush" based on Minnie Gray's story character "Traction Man".



We have been learning about traditional stories.  We have practised our positional language in the story of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff and used the language of size to talk about the goats and sort objects in the Nursery.  We used our imagination to paint our own trolls and practised our cutting skills to make "sweet green grass" for the goats to eat.  We practised mark making and pencil control when we made our own pictures of the Billy Goats Gruff at the writing table.



We have made some changes to our outdoor area this term.  The children are enjoying being able to choose their own play equipment and are coming up with lots of new ideas for play. 



We have been given some baby caterpillars in the nursery and are watching carefully as the caterpillars grow and change.  We have been talking about the life cycle of the caterpillar and know that a caterpillar will become a butterfly.



We had fun at school with pancake day races. We took turns to run and toss the pancakes.  We chose our own toppings for our pancakes at snack time. We talked about who made pancakes at home and what we liked to eat with them.


We made a "surprise" gift for our mums for Mothers Day.  We used tissue paper and scrunched it up to make pretty flowers on our paper plate.  We had our photographs taken for our Mummies and chose a Bunny or a bunch of spring flowers for our photo.  We practised writing our names in our Mother's Day Cards.



We had a lot of fun on Red Nose Day in Nursery.  We wore red clothes and red noses and brought in £1 for charity.  We made our own red nose biscuits.  We enjoyed choosing cakes after school.  We raised a lot of money to help others. 



Spring is an exciting time in the Nursery.  We have been able to spend more time outside and have been looking around the Nursery garden for signs of Spring.


We have been talking about Easter and learning some new songs including "5 Shiny Eggs" and "Wet, Wet, Wet !".   We have taken turns to use the claves to tap out the sound of the chicks inside their eggs.  We hope you enjoy our performances !








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We have been concentrating on holding our pens correctly and have carefully traced patterns onto Easter eggs and drawn our own baby animals. 


We have been learning about baby animals and have used paints and sponges to make our own Easter cards with baby animals on.


We have been using our language skills to describe the eggs that we have been placing on the Nursery Easter Tree  and have practised our number skills with adding on "one more" to the number of decorations each day.  


We have looked at the colours of Spring and decorated the tree in the secret garden.


When the weather has been warm we have had our milk and snack outside.






In the last week of the Spring term six of our cocoons turned into butterflies.  Mrs Steeley showed us how to make a sugar solution for the butterflies to feed on.  We also put in some ripe fruit.  We watched the butterflies feed and dry their wings.  On the last day of the Spring term we released our six butterflies into the Nursery garden.  We were able to look at some of them very closely as they did not fly away straight away but landed on our hands and the nearby flowers.



There was lots of fun to be had in the Nursery in the last week of the Easter Term.  Some of the children made Easter bonnets for the school Easter bonnet competition.  The Nursery children enjoyed looking at all the bonnets that had been made.  We had a special visit from an Easter Bunny who read us a story about an Easter egg hunt and taught us some songs with some fun actions.  We had fun outside searching for eggs and treats that the Easter Bunny had left hidden for us.



Have a look at some of the things that we are doing when we play outside.



We have really enjoyed our dinosaur topic this term.  We brought in things from home to make up our own class room display.  We practised our scissor skills by cutting out triangle and circle shapes for a triceratops mask at the writing table.  We have practised our number skills by making our own dinosaur counting book and by looking carefully at the number of spikes, horns and plates on certain dinosaurs.  We have learned the names of dinosaurs and found out what they like to eat.  We know the difference between a carnivore and herbivore.  We made our own observational paintings of dinosaurs and also drew bones and skeletons with white pencils and paint on black card.We have made dinosaur eggs out of paper mache and playdough.


We have enjoyed dressing up as palaeontologists in the sand area and searching for bones with tweezers and trowels.  We have used our imagination to play dinosaur games with small world toys.  We changed the role play area into a dinosaur museum.


We have learned lots of new songs and poems about dinosaurs and have looked at information books and dinosaur stories.


We put on an assembly for the school and our parents to show them all that we have learned and made.

We have used our imagination and physical skills to build dinosaurs and dinosaur caves in the playground.  We have used crates and poles for  a dinosaur body and bricks for plates and teeth.  We have fed our dinosaur and given him things to drink.  We have gone for rides on the dinosaur's back.



This term we have planted bean, carrot and cress seeds in the nursery and watched them grow.  We also took home a sunflower seed to plant and care for.  We tasted some of the cress that we had grown at snack time.



We enjoyed being outdoors all day today.  We had fun making our own mosaics and collages on the playground with natural materials.  We had our drinks and snacks outside and enjoyed spending time on the playground and field.



We had a special planting day at school where Mums, Dads and Grandparents came in to help us weed, sweep and plant in the Nursery Garden.    We planted flowers, vegetables, fruits and the sunflowers we grew at home.  We made a big difference to our outdoor area by working hard together.



SPORTS DAY - Tuesday 27th June


The Morning Nursery took part in Sports Day.  They ran races, balanced beanbags, threw javelins and walked across a beam.  They tried really hard and did really well.  Lots of Mums and Dads came to watch.  There were ice pops for everybody at the end from WISPA.

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We are having fun at the end of term.

"Teaching is good. This is having a very positive impact on pupils' increasingly successful learning.... Pupils feel safe because they know they are well cared for. They behave well and have good attitudes to learning."
- Ofsted 2014

"I am amazing. Together we are magnificent!"

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