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Reading with your child

Helping your child with reading:

At Icknield we teach reading using phonics.  From Reception onwards, children learn the sounds that each letter of the alphabet makes.  We call these sounds phonemes. They also learn that some phonemes are represented by more than one letter, such as "ch" in "chin" or "igh" in "night".  We teach the children how to blend these sounds together in order to read words.  Click on the link below and scroll down to "Say the sounds" to hear each of the phonemes your child is learning in school:




It is also important that your child is understanding what they are reading.   To help with this, we have provided the following document, "Reading with your child".  This contains some simple questions that you could ask your child when you are reading with them at home.

"Teaching is good. This is having a very positive impact on pupils' increasingly successful learning.... Pupils feel safe because they know they are well cared for. They behave well and have good attitudes to learning."
- Ofsted 2014

"I am amazing. Together we are magnificent!"

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