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Reception – Inkpen Class

Welcome to the Inkpen Class page!


Our Class Teacher is Miss Gilbert and our Teaching Assistant is called Miss Mountney.

Inkpen class is named after the author Mick Inkpen who wrote the 'Kipper' books. Our class mascot is named after the main character from the books. 

Our First Half Term

We have settled into Inkpen class really well and have understood all of the routines and jobs that we have.

We all have special tidy up jobs in our classroom and know that during our tidy up time, we look after our special area.

We have been coping very well with different activities within our timetable. Our first big challenge was lunchtime - but we were fantastic! We have coped well with assemblies and special days where we have our photograph taken or when visitors come in.

We have tried very hard in our lessons and have started phase 2 phonics to learn our letter shapes and sounds. We have started to recite numbers to thirty and are trying to count objects to match numbers. 

People Who Help Us. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

We have been learning about people who help us and have had visits from a postman, the firefighters, a scientist and the bin lorry!

The have told us all what they do for their job and how they help people. It was very interesting to learn about everything. 

Festivals Topic

At the beginning of the term we started to learn about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire night. We know that he tried to blow up the houses of parliament and that he was captured and taken to jail! We had the opportunity to act out the story and pretend to play one of the characters in the Gunpowder Plot!

Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot!

Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot! 1
Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot! 2
Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot! 3

We have been enjoying the run up to Christmas with lots of different activities. We have held a singing event in the hall for all of our special adults! We have also opened our doors to our parents and invited them to make a decoration with us. We made beautiful candy canes, sparkly baulbauls and crackers and salt-dough decorations.


We have also thought about the first Christmas and the Nativity story. We know that Baby Jesus was born on Christmas day and he was given Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh as gifts from the wise men.

Picture 1

Our Wonderful World!

We have been learning about near and far away places that are cold. We have investigated our own country during the Winter and have thought about the North Pole and how cold it is there

Our Beautiful Polar Bears

Our Beautiful Polar Bears 1

We learnt how to draw polar bears using a step-by-step guide. We had to use shapes to represent different body parts. We have shown that we are all super artists!

Investigating Winter

Creative Fortnight!

Up, Up and Away!

We have learned a lot about things that are up in the air!


We have made some super clay aeroplanes that look as if they are floating on a cloud! We then also made some paper planes and kites AND had a lovely dance lesson based on kites! We all had so much fun. 


We have pretended to go on an aeroplane and watched the safety video as well as a simulator to show us what it looks like inside a plane. 


We have enjoyed watching the Theatre Group who came to talk to us about minibeasts.

Life Cycles!

We have been learning about life cycles and have looked at caterpillars and butterflies. We have thought about the processes that they go through to change from a caterpillar into a butterfly. 



Butterfly! 1
Butterfly! 2

We also celebrated world book day and dressed up as some of our favourite characters from our favourite stories! Can you guess who we are?



We have been thinking about the Summer and noticing the changes that happen during the warmer weather. 

We have investigated some mini-beasts and looked after our own butterflies. We watched as they changed from small caterpillars into cocoons and then into butterflies that we let go out on our field. 


Caterpillars 1
Caterpillars 2
Caterpillars 3
Caterpillars 4

Standalone Farm

We had a super time at the farm and got the opportunity to do lots of amazing things! We enjoyed feeding the lambs with their bottles and grooming the pony. 

Lamb feeding and Pony grooming

Lamb feeding and Pony grooming 1
Lamb feeding and Pony grooming 2

Ted the Donkey

Ted the Donkey 1

Enjoying our lunch!

Enjoying our lunch! 1
Enjoying our lunch! 2
Enjoying our lunch! 3
Enjoying our lunch! 4
Enjoying our lunch! 5
Enjoying our lunch! 6
Picture 1

Our 2017 Ofsted inspection commented - that we still provide good quality education & a stimulating & caring environment. Individual needs are well met & children quickly grow in confidence. There is a positive culture for safeguarding & pupils said that they feel happy & settled in school.

"I am amazing. Together we are magnificent!"

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