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Reception - Rosen Class

Welcome to Rosen's Class Page !


Our class teacher is Mrs Steeley.


Did you know we are called Rosen Class after the author Michael Rosen? We have really enjoyed reading some of his books and poems in class including 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt', 'Chocolate Cake' and 'Little Rabbit Foo Foo'.



    Our first half term in Reception.


We have had a great start to Reception, getting to know our school, classroom, and grown-ups.  We have made lots of new friends too.  We have also become much more independent, we get changed for PE and go for lunch with our friends!  


Our class mascot is Rosen Bear.  Rosen Bear gets to spend the weekend with our "Star of the Week".


In our first few weeks in Reception, we enjoyed learning about our class author Michael Rosen. We enjoyed bear themed activities and had fun retelling the story of "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" using the African Drums.





People Who Help Us


We have been learning about People Who Help Us.  We thought about people who help us at home, at school and out and about.  We also learnt about how to stay safe, which grown-ups we can ask for help if we have a problem and who would help us in an emergency.  


We have had lots of visitors including Ray the Postman, the firefighters, the refuse collectors, a scientist and baby Charlotte and her mummy.  There are more visitors still to come !


We have enjoyed caring for animals in our role play vets.

Celebrating Harvest


We enjoyed our Harvest Celebrations in Rosen Class.  Thank you to all the children who brought in home baked bread and food for our harvest display and to share with our elderly neighbours.


We enjoyed singing our harvest songs and listening to "Harvest Samba" at register time.  We talked about how food is grown. 


We had fun with our parents and grandparents with a morning of harvest activities in our class.  We performed our "Big Red Combine Harvester" song and then were able to choose from lots of different creative activities including conker rolling, making bread and jam sandwiches, drawing and describing our favourite foods, a "BIG PAINT", counting activities with conkers and cones and "guess the mystery vegetable" game.

Diwali Celebrations


We have had a lot of fun learning about Diwali and how it is celebrated.  We used our creative skills to make clay divas, chalk rangoli patterns and mehandi patterns.  We acted out the sory of Diwali in our class and some children worked together to make a 10 headed demon king mask.  We tried some indian food in our circle time.


We enjoyed showing our work to our parents in our Diwali assembly and performing our special songs.  We shone torches and held lights and some of us wore special clothes.

Have a look at some of our lovely Autumn Work !


People Who Help Us Topic - continued ...


We carried on with this topic after the Autumn Half Term.  We had a super visit from "Pets at Home" who came to tell us how to care for our pets.  We learned about fleas, the right food for pets and vaccinations.  We also talked a lot about how to keep your pets safe on Bonfire Night.   After that, we had a visit from the Railway Station Officers who explained how we can travel by train and use the station safely.  Our last visitor was the Park Keeper from Howard Gardens. He taught us about the wildlife in the park and how to look after it.  We practised litter picking with his "grabber". 


We have continued our role play in the vets and made X-Ray machines from junk modelling.  We wrote and clipped our own railway tickets, crafted our own trains from collage materials, built trains outside and made our own "Stop" and "Go" railway signs in "Busy Fingers" time.


We listened to the "Emergency" story by Margaret Mayo ans Alex Ayliffe.  We retold the story using a class story map.  We then retold the story by writing and drawing our own story maps.


Bonfire Night


We listened to the Guy Fawkes story and retold it in our own words and pictures.  We acted out the Guy Fawkes story in our outdoor theatre.  We danced to Firework Music in the hall and pretended to be rockets, sparklers and Katherine wheels.


Rememberance Day


We learned about why we take time to stop and remember.  We made our own poppy pictures.


Children In Need


We wore spots and had a visit from Pudsey.  We put our money in the pot to help other children.  We did a big conga in the playground with Pudsey.

Celebrating Christmas

We have had so much fun celebrating Christmas in Rosen Class.  It started off with Christmas Shopping Day where we went to the hall and chose a gift for someone special and had it wrapped .  We wrote our own gift tags.


Our Mums, Dads and Nannies came in to help us make decorations for our classroom.  We cut out salt dough decorations, put patterned stripes on candy canes, made a giant sparkly star for the school hall, cut out and decorated glittery baubles and recorded ourselves on the I-pads singing our Christmas songs.


We enjoyed Christmas Dinner in the hall with crackers.  It was so exciting to have our dinner alongside all the teachers, staff and other classes.


We made our own Christmas hats for our class party day.  We made patterns of "Robins" and "Penguins" using vegetables. We had a feast on Christmas Party Day.  We played games and had a visit from Santa.


We wore our Christmas jumpers to raise money for Save The Children.  We had a big Christmas Jumper parade in the hall.


In our class we have been learning to say our morning and afternoon register greetings in Spanish.  We also learned to say Happy Christmas in Spanish.  We listened and danced to the Spanish Chrsitmas Song "Feliz Navidad".


We enjoyed listening to the Nutcracker Story.  We watched the Rotterdam Orchestra play Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker and watched the San Francisco ballet retell the story.  We produced our own craft work.


We went carol singing around the school.  We had learnt lots of Christmas songs including "Jog Along Little Donkey" to Bethlehem.  We visited the office staff, the kitchen ladies and the other classes and shared our songs.


We made Christmas cards and calendars for our families as gifts.  These gifts were based on our Maths work on shape.


We turned our role play into a Christmas House.  We enjoyed pretending to be Santa delivering gifts.






Learning About Shape

We have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes.  We went on a shape hunt outside and found shapes around the school.  We talked about shapes and their properties as we built with bricks and painted around shapes.  When we celebrated getting all our gems in the jar, we made our own popcorn cones by cutting out a circle before we watched a Christmas film.



Fun Outside


We have had lots of fun outside this term with messy play.  We have enjoyed exploring new play and learning opportunities in the "Small World" and "Maths" pits.  We have built trains, camps and swimming pools outside !

Balancing on "points" and "patches" !


Before Christmas we practised balancing on small ("points") and large ("patches") areas of our bodies in PE.  We had our own ideas and enjoyed showing them off to our class mates.


Our 2017 Ofsted inspection commented - that we still provide good quality education & a stimulating & caring environment. Individual needs are well met & children quickly grow in confidence. There is a positive culture for safeguarding & pupils said that they feel happy & settled in school.

"I am amazing. Together we are magnificent!"

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