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Welcome to Mayhew Class Page.

Our class teacher is Miss Robson.


Did you know we are called Mayhew Class after the author James Mayhew? We have really enjoyed reading some of his books in class including 'Katie in London', 'Ella Bella Ballerina' and 'Can you see a little bear?.'

Outdoor Classroom Day

On Thursday 18th May it was outdoor classroom day. We spent the day learning outside in the different areas of the school including our own outdoor area, the field and even the wildlife area! Mrs Hodge taught us how to aim in P.E on the field. We then took our science lesson outside to learn different parts of the body. In partners we drew around each other and labelled all the body parts we knew. In the afternoon we had a fantastic session with a special visitor! We made bug hotels to take home out of everything natural we could find including leaves, sticks and pine cones! Thank you to the children that brought some of these things in from home, it really helped us make our bug hotels! 

Our trip to Shepreth Wildlife park


We had a fantastic trip to Shepreth Wildlife Park linking to our topic of 'On Safari'. We saw mammals, amphibians, reptiles, insects and birds! We had a special talk from the ranger at Shepreth who taught us about the smaller animals that live at the park. We even got to hold some of them! Mayhew class especially loved our trip on the train to get to Shepreth and also loved exploring the bat cave. The bats flew all around us and some of us even saw them being fed! Some of Mayhew class were a little scared to go into the bats but were so brave! Thank you to all the parents who came to help, it was a excellent day! 

Science Week

In Science Week we participated in lots of different experiments. We were set the challenge of making a flower out of scrap paper. But we were not allowed to use any glue or sellotape! We had a fantastic afternoon trying out different joining techniques to try and make out flower stand up. As well as this we discovered how many different trees we have in the school grounds and what the differences were between them. Finally we made our own lotus flowers, we then placed them in water to see how the petals expanded. It was like magic!

World Book Day

We had a fantastic day for World Book Day dressing up as our favourite book characters. We took part in some exciting activities including a treasure hunt to find out all of the teacher's favourite books. We also had a really special visit from Mini Grey, author of the Traction Man stories. She taught us how to draw space dog! Here are some of our pictures from the fantastic week!


Creative Fortnight

This years theme for Creative Fortnight is Under the Sea. We have been finding out about different sea creatures including sharks, octopus and whales. With all the information we have found out we have decided to make our own fact books. We have had lots of visitors including a storyteller, a theatre group, deep sea diver and a clay workshop. In class we have also made paper sharks, paper plate fish and a painted puffer fish. 

Snow Day


In January it snowed whilst we were at school! We went outside to explore what the snow was like. Mrs Croxford decided she wanted to take some snow home. We  took photos at different times of the day to observe what happened to the snow. We made predictions how long the snow would take to melt. 

Elf on the Shelf

During December an Elf called Presents has been visiting us. Each day he is watching us to see if we are on our best behaviour so he can report back to Santa. He plays a game of hide and seek with us every morning, each day he is somewhere different! The one rule is we are not allowed to touch him, if so his magic disappears! He will not be able to get back to the North Pole! Santa wrote us a letter saying Presents had been a bit cheeky and has not been telling him what he has been up to so asked us to write a diary. We have loved writing diaries for Santa describing where Presents has been and what he has been up to.

Children in Need

On Friday the 18th November we celebrated Children in Need. We came to school wearing spots and even got to decorate biscuits to make them look spotty! Pudsey also came to visit us as we did all of our fun activities. 

Kindness Day 


On the 14th November we celebrated Kindness day as part of Anti-Bullying week. We decided as a class we wanted to act upon this by participating in random acts of kindness. Some children made cards and others made presents for a person of their choice. Once we had made something special we went and delivered these to children and adults in school to spread the kindness around Icknield. 

Maths in Mayhew 

This term we have enjoyed doing lots of practical maths. We have been using resources such as tens frames, numicon, cubes and number lines. This has supported our learning of showing the value of different numbers as well as helping us with our number bonds and ordering numbers. 

Outdoor Learning

In Mayhew class we love learning outdoors. Below are some photos of different learning we have done outside. We loved going on a senses walk, doing treasure hunts and making potions in the water tray!

Pirate Day

We had a fantastic time this term learning about Pirates, especially Captain Blackbeard! Did you know his ship was called the Queen Anne's Revenge? We have enjoyed treasure hunts, making treasure maps and most of all our Pirate day! As well as this we have been writing letters to Peter Pan and asking him what Neverland is like! 

"Teaching is good. This is having a very positive impact on pupils' increasingly successful learning.... Pupils feel safe because they know they are well cared for. They behave well and have good attitudes to learning."
- Ofsted 2014

"I am amazing. Together we are magnificent!"

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