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Welcome to Mayhew Class Page.

Our class teacher is Miss Robson.


Did you know we are called Mayhew Class after the author James Mayhew? We have really enjoyed reading some of his books in class including 'Katie in London', 'Ella Bella Ballerina' and 'Can you see a little bear?.'

Children in Need

On Friday 17th November we celebrated Children in Need. We paid £1 to dress up wearing spots to raise money for charity. We even had a conga line on the playground with Pudsey. He even came to our classroom to collect our money. 

Geographers in Mayhew class

We had a fantastic trip to the cinema to see Wallace and Gromit. Before we went we looked at different aerial maps of Letchworth. We found different landmarks including the train station, bus stops, shops and parks. We worked together to find different landmarks. When we walked to the cinema we then saw these landmarks in Letchworth! When we got back from the cinema we looked at the route we walked to get there and recognised what we saw along the way. As well as this we created our own maps of our journey. 

Picture 1

Another crime scene!

Another crime scene appeared at Icknield! When we went out and explored we discovered that there were three new crime scenes to have a look at. One with straw, one with sticks and one with bricks. After much investigation we realised the Big Bad Wolf had been bacl again! We helped the 3 little pigs escape the Big Bad Wolf by creating wanted posters and putting them around the school to help locate him. Another crime solved by Mayhew Class - Well done!

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Points and patches!

In P.E this half term we have been learning about balancing. We have worked together to use different parts of our bodies to balance on. Can you see where we are balancing on a point? (This might be an elbow, knee, hand or feet). We can also balance on different patches of our body like our tummies, sides and backs!

As a cool down we have been learning different yoga positions to practise our balancing. We must keep really still to do this, have a look at our pictures.

Shared maths 

Every other Friday we enjoy shared maths in Mayhew Class. We like to share what we have been learning in maths with our grown ups so they can help us at home. This half term we have been focusing on representing and understanding numbers to 10. We have used resources such as tens frames, numicon, multi-link, dice, dominoes and bead strings to support our learning. Come along next time to see what we have been up too!

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Guess who!

We decided in our role play area to make some wanted posters. These are the suspects we are looking for. We described them and have been asking for witnesses around school for anyone that has seen these missing people! We have loved role playing being police officers in our role play area.

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Harvest activities

We were lucky enough to have lots of adults to come join us for some Harvest crafts. We made shape scarecrows, woven baskets, leaf hedgehogs and pictures out of natural materials. We also had a fantastic time delivering our Harvest boxes. Thank you to everyone who came to help us on our walk and deliver all the things you brought in!

A break in!

Mrs Egan came to visit us and said her office was a mess! She said that she needed our help to investigate what had happened and who the bad character was. We decided to go look for clues with the iPads and magnifying glasses to make sure we did not miss anything. After this we decided that we needed to make police hats and detective badges to make sure we were doing a fantastic job to help Mrs Egan. We made predictions about who it might of been and came to the conclusion that is was the Big Bad Wolf!

The Enormous Crocodile!

There was an emergency in school when a big footprint was found on our school grounds. As a class we decided to go out and investigate. We found lots of clues which helped us to come to the conclusion there was an Enormous Crocodile on the loose! We have decided we would like our role play to be a Police Station as we loved being detectives!

Our 2017 Ofsted inspection commented - that we still provide good quality education & a stimulating & caring environment. Individual needs are well met & children quickly grow in confidence. There is a positive culture for safeguarding & pupils said that they feel happy & settled in school.

"I am amazing. Together we are magnificent!"

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