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Year 1 - Tomlinson Class

Welcome to the Tomlinson Class Page.


Our Class Teacher is Miss Athow.



Did you know we are called Tomlinson Class after the author Jill Tomlinson? Jill Tomlinson has written  lots of books including 'The Owl who was Afraid of the dark' and 'The Cat that wanted to go home'.



Our First Term in Tomlinson Class


We have enjoyed our first term in Tomlinson Class and have completed lots of lovely work. We started off the year writing labels, lists and captions in our Literacy work. We enjoyed our work on The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl and wrote some lovely descriptions to help the zoo keepers find the crocodile that had escaped from their zoo! 


In Maths we have done lots of work with representing different numbers. We used tens frames, dice, dominoes, bead strings and money. We have also been learning about number bonds to ten and we have started to write the number sentences for each number bond. We had lots of fun learning Kung Foo maths to help us remember the different symbols that we need to use in our number sentences. 


We have started learning our Phase 5 sounds in Phonics and we have been using these to help us with our writing and also our reading.


During our Harvest week at school we enjoyed being creative and making lots of different things. We put our fine motor skills to the test when we were weaving baskets, we used our knowledge of shapes when making a scarecrow out of shapes and we collected leaves to make Hedgehogs. It was nice to have our parents in to help us too. 


We have had lots of fun so far and we are excited to see what next term brings in Tomlinson Class.  

The Big Crime Scene!


When we arrived at school one morning, there was a big crime scene that the Police needed our help with. There had been a break in into Mrs Egan's office and we had to look at the clues. We then had to be Icknield Detectives to try and work out who it was that had broken into the school. Poor Mrs Egan's office was such a mess but we enjoyed having a look at what had happened to it! 


After lots of work and piecing all of the clues together we managed to discover that it was The Big Bad Wolf that had broken into Mrs Egan's office. 

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Christmas fun in Tomlinson Class


We have had lots of fun during the festive period and the children have made some lovely pieces of work. We enjoyed our families coming into class to help us make Christmas decorations. The Christmas trees made from paper plates and the snowman made from pegs looked amazing.


We had a special visitor in Tomlinson Class. An Elf has been keeping a watchful eye over us and has been reporting back to Santa! We decided to name our Elf Candy Cane because of her colourful legs and we have loved coming into class each morning so see what mischief she has been up to.


Thank you very much for coming and watching us perform our Christmas Assembly, we really loved singing our songs to you and also showing you some of the lovely work that we have done during the last couple of weeks. We really hope that you enjoyed watching us :) 


We would also like to say thank you for bringing in lots of yummy food for us to enjoy during our Christmas party afternoon. We sang lots of Christmas songs and the children ate lots of food!!


Finally we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Creative Fortnight


Week one

We have had a very exciting fortnight and we have been lucky to be able to take part in lots of creative experiences and activities.


We really enjoyed our visit from Mrs Houghton who helped us to make hot air balloons out of clay. We followed the instructions that she gave us and we really enjoyed moulding the clay into the right shapes. We are going to paint our hot air balloons during week two.


During DT we had been looking at rockets and we had a go at designing our own rocket. We looked at all of the features of a rocket and we made sure that our own designs had all of the important features. We made our rockets using a toilet roll, paint and paper. We painted the toilet roll and then cut out and attached windows. We had to make the nose of the rocket out of a circle of paper and we were very resilient as it was a tricky skill to do.


We also designed our own aliens to paint onto foil. The children loved painting onto foil as they had not done this before. We used black paint to draw our aliens and we really enjoyed thinking about what we wanted our alien to look like. We then used our phonic skills and thought of our own alien name for our alien.


Week two

We were very lucky to be able to watch another performance from the Magical Theatre Company. We learnt lots of information about bees and what a positive impact they have on our environment. We really enjoyed the show and we love being able to take part.


Tomlinson Class decided that their favourite part of Creative Fortnight was when we got to go inside the planetarium and learn all about Space and our planets. We listened to a video from Tim Peake who described what it is like to go to and to live in Space for a short period of time. We learnt about the different planets and also we had a look at the stars. The lights and the planetarium were amazing and the children had the best afternoon!


Lastly we had a visit from the Author Joshua Seigal. We completed a poetry workshop and we learnt lots of important things about writing poetry. We also had the opportunity to look at some of the books that he had written and he even signed some of the books.


We were very lucky to have such an exciting end to our half term. :)


Science Week 2018


This half term we had great fun completing different investigations during Science Week. National Science Week took place 12th-16th March. Each day we completed a different investigation and we practised lots of the different working scientifically skills.


For our first investigation we completed a lotus flower experiment. We made a prediction about what we thought would happen to the flower when we put it in water. Many of us said that the flower would sink. To our surprise the Lotus flower not only floated but it also opened out when it went into the water.


For our second investigation we completed a Humpty Dumpty experiment. We were set the task of finding a material that would protect Humpty Dumpty if he ever was to fall off of a wall again. We were given an egg in our partners and we got to decorate it to make it look like Humpty Dumpty. We were then given the choice of different materials and we had to wrap the egg to protect it the best that we could. We all then went outside and we dropped the eggs in the clear bag. Only two eggs survived the investigation and they were the ones that were wrapped and protected by tea bags. We wrote our findings in our books.


For our third investigation we completed a challenge that the whole school took part in. We were given different sized squares of card and we had to use them to invent a reptile from the past, present or future. We loved watching the children make these and they really got to use their imaginations. Each pair made a reptile that looked completely different from their peers. As a class we decided which one was our favourite by each child voting for someone else’s reptile. Miss Athow then sent the winner off to the competition.


We had lots of fun during Science Week and the children are already excited for Science Week next year!

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Our 2017 Ofsted inspection commented - that we still provide good quality education & a stimulating & caring environment. Individual needs are well met & children quickly grow in confidence. There is a positive culture for safeguarding & pupils said that they feel happy & settled in school.

"I am amazing. Together we are magnificent!"

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