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Year 2 - Jeffers Class

Welcome to Jeffers' Class Page. Our class teacher is Mrs Cooper.

Did you know we are called Jeffers Class after the author Oliver Jeffers? We have really enjoyed reading some of his books in class including 'The Day the Crayons Quit', 'Lost and Found' and 'Up and Down.'


Here you can enjoy looking at photos of our learning and access websites that can help to enhance the children's learning further. 


Writing Blogs in Computing 


In Computing we have learnt about writing blogs. We have thought about what our favourite memories of Year 2 are and written these as a blog log for the website. 


My favourite memory of Year 2 is when we had Fire of London because we liked watching it. By Nathan. 

My favourite memory of Year 2 is Sports Day because I like running. By Jaydn. 

My favourite memory of Year 2 is Maths because I like adding numbers together and getting them correct. By Imogen. 

My favourite memory of Year 2 is Guided Reading with Mrs Cooper on Incredible Eating Boys and Guided Reading work with my friends. By Tia. 

My favourite memory is Sports Day doing the javelin because I had a good aim and I hit the cones with the rocket. By Oscar. 

My favourite memory of Year 2 is Maths because I like times tables. By Jacob. 

Sports Day 


On Tuesday 27th of June it was our Icknield Sports Day. It started well, with a variety of exciting activities planned for us. Jeffers started with the javelin and lots of the class showed powerful throws and a good aim which resulted in the javelins travelling far. We then moved onto the beanbag throw which the green team won, well done! 

After that we had the beanbag balance and lots of us had some excellent balancing skills where we had to balance the beanbags on our heads whilst travelling along the bench. Then we moved onto the basketball shoot and we tried really hard to aim well again to shoot the ball. Finally, we moved onto the tennis racket balancing but this is where sports day finished for us as the rain came down heavily! After dashing inside, we were treated by the kind WISPA ladies who gave us all a delicious ice pop which was a lovely, tasty treat! 



Olympic Sports Morning


On Tuesday 6th June, the Year 2 children were invited to the Letchworth Tennis Club to join in with other infant schools in a range of Olympic activities. Even though the rain was pouring, a fantastic event was held inside, where the children experienced lots of dun activities such as curling, parachute games, hurdles and ...

The morning finished with all of the schools participating in a group dance and we felt proud of our Year 2 children as they all joined in and gave it their best. Well done Jeffers Class. 


Planting Day 


On Friday 19th May, the children in Jeffers participated in a whole school planting day. We worked in small groups to plant our flowers that we had grown at home. These were mostly planted in the beds on the field and some in our YEar 2 outdoor area. Thank you to Oscar's Mum and Mrs Fulcher who came to help us to plant our flowers and vegetable seeds. Mrs Fulcher was a great expert in reminding us to space out the sweet peas in our pots so they will grow successfully. 

Outdoor Day 

On Thursday 18th May, the children had an empty classroom day where we spent the whole day learning outdoors. We started off our morning by completing Science outside to support us in knowing how animals are suited to their habitats. It was great fun moving the beanbags from the tarpaulin (meadows) by flinging them across as if they had wings. This was much better as the animals were less likely to get hit by the road in between the meadows. However, we also realised that some of the animals that had to cross the road because they don't have wings (the squirrels, badges, mice etc) may unfortunately get hurt! 

We then, completed another Science activity where we investigated the grounds for things that are living, were living or have never been alive. We drew pictures of what we found and enjoyed researching using our clipboards to support. 

We were lucky to have a park ranger come in to work with us to make bug hotels using materials that we had gathered from outdoors including sticks, moss, feathers and grass. 

In the afternoon, we took our Maths outdoors and we were set the challenge of investigating what the length of the playground was. It was great using the trundle wheels and metre sticks to measure the length. We made estimations, then recorded as a repeated addition number sentence or a multiplication number sentence.  



History off the Page Seaside Day 

On Friday 21st April, Year 2 had 'History off the Page' come into school to introduce their new Seaside topic for the term. What a fantastic time the children had! It was informative (as the children learnt a lot about Victorian seasides), fun (as the children got lots of opportunities to act in role and also to make souvenirs from their time at the beach and exciting (the children particularly loved the Punch and Judy show at the end of the day.)

In the morning, the children were able to make the souvenirs from their visit to the seaside. These souvenirs included making flags for their sandcastles, seashell trinket boxes, painted postcards and decorating a little ceramic vase with seaside imagery. The children also made train tickets as they found out that they would have travelled to the seaside in Victorian times on a steam train and they acted in role to take photographs using the Victorian cameras (they had to keep still for 3 minutes!!) 


In the afternoon, the children got to visit the 'pier'. They were split into two groups: workers, who serve the visitors coming to the amusements at the piers or visitors who had pennies in their purse to buy souvenirs, fish and chips, build sandcastles or even have their fortune told! 

The day ended with a hilarious Punch and Judy Show. The children all went home with their souvenirs and big smiles on their faces! 


In Year 2 we have been learning about the Easter story. As a class we made bread and we decided to shape it into a cross so that it reminded us about the Last Supper but also that Jesus died on a cross. We also made paper palm leaves because when Jesus arrived in Jerusalem, people were excited so were cheering and waving palm leaves at him. Since Jesus dies on the cross but amazingly rose again, we made brightly coloured tissue paper crosses because the bright colours symbolise that it is a happy event to remember Jesus rising. Lastly, we thought about all the symbols of new life that are associated with Spring time and we included these in some pop up Easter cards that we made for our family. As a year group we learnt the Easter story and worked together to retell the story, acting parts of it out for our Easter assembly for the Year 2 parents. 


Science Week 

Science Week was a lot of fun! During the week we conducted a variety of investigations so that we could use a range of scientific skills including predicting, ensuring our tests were fair, observing carefully, measuring and comparing our results by looking at our data.  

Our investigations in the week included finding out what happens when celery was left in food colouring overtime, finding out what happens when we used different materials on the water in an octagon shape, answering the question 'do taller people have bigger feet? and exploring what happens when shaving foam is mixed with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. 

Also during the week we also had a visitor from the council who came to talk to us about recycling and the importance of reducing our waste. We enjoyed sorting the materials into the different bins and this has helped how we recycle in class too. 

Gratitude Letters 

As part of a competition, Jeffers Class thought about who they were grateful to and then wrote letters explaining why they are grateful to these people. We discussed the importance of making sure we say thank you to those who do so much for us and Mrs Cooper absolutely loved reading the many lovely reasons that Jeffers Class were thankful for. Many of the letters were written to family members, although some children also chose to thank members of staff at school. Mrs Cooper explained that she felt very proud to read these letters and praised the children for being so thoughtful in what they wrote. 

Take a look below at some of these wonderful letters that the children wrote. 

Pancake Day 

On Pancake Day, Mrs Cooper challenged us to find out what the most popular pancake topping was in Jeffers Class. To do this, we created a tally chart to tally our different pancake toppings and then we used this data to create either bar graphs or block graphs. Afterwards, the exciting part! We were then able to use this topping to add to a pancake for us to eat, yum yum!




Creative Fortnight 


At Icknield we always love Creative Fortnight and this year the theme has been 'Under the Sea.' Since we are learning about 'Rainforests' as our main topic this term, in the first week of Creative Fortnight, we created lots of art pieces linked to animals that can be found in the Amazon river. As a class we weaved paper plates which we then put together to make a class display of a fish. The weaved paper plates were the scales. We also made pop up piranhas which were really good fun. At first glance of our art, people may think that this is a normal fish but then when it is folded down it reveals a piranha with sharp teeth! Earlier in the term we had learnt about Venn diagrams in Science which we had used to sort animals according to their habitats. In Creative Fortnight, we researched about blue and pink dolphins on the Internet in our Computing lessons and we then sorted these facts for a dolphin Venn Diagram.  We also thought about different types of animals that could be found in the ocean habitat and we made portholes to show some of these different animals. Last of all, we worked together as a class to design a treasure chest to hold the milk bottle lids we had been collecting - altogether we collected 559! 


In the first week of Creative Fortnight, we also had a diver who came in to talk to use about diving and he showed us the different equipment which was very exciting. We also had the Imajica theatre group who came in to perform 'Sherman's Shell' - this included lots of singing, dancing and acting. 

In the second week, Marion a storyteller come to tell us stories about underwater animals. We also had Victoria come in to support us with making clay mermaids. She said she was very impressed with Jeffers' tenacity - this meant she was pleased with how well the children worked on making their clay mermaids as she thought it could be quite tricky. However, she didn't hear 'I can't do it' or 'this is hard', all the children had a go and kept on perservering. We are so lucky to have these amazing visitors come into work us as they are so talented and can share their skills with us. 

See the photos below of us working on lots of amazing pieces throughout Creative Fortnight. 



Christmas is such a wonderful time at Icknield and we always have so much fun celebrating together at school. This year we really enjoyed the Christmas Decoration morning where our parents were able to come and make a Christmas decoration with us. We made lovely felt Santas for our Christmas trees by sewing them, we made our own hanging elves using our faces and we decorated beautiful stars to include the baby Jesus. One other thing we did on this day was to make Christmas cards for the elderly and lonely people who don't have family around at Christmas. We were contacted by the Hertfordshire Independent Living Service and really enjoyed making something for other people. 


On December the 1st Elfie the elf arrived in our classroom and he has been moving each morning. When we come into school, we enjoy looking to find out where he is and we write about him in our Early Morning Books. It made us chuckle when we found him in the fruit bowl, swinging from our elves and he even made it to the pot of gold! 


We also made some wonderful calendars to take home which included four different animals from the four different seasons. Don't they look lovely together?


Other celebrations we have had included a delicious Christmas dinner thanks to Mrs Lawson and her team, Christmas jumper day where we all wore our festive sweaters, a fun Christmas party where Santa came to visit us, we visited Wilbury to listen to Miss Shaw's talented choir and a brilliant Christmas play called 'Lights, Camel Action' (Mrs Cooper was so proud of you all Jeffers - the narrators did an amazing job saying the lines, the camel and wise men dancers danced beautifully and Joseph and and Innkeepers Wife had a lot of courage to perform in front of everyone!)


Writing Poems 

In English we have been writing poems about Mrs Cooper's dog, Otto. We thoroughly enjoyed looking at photos of him and watching videos too, usually of him causing some mischief. First, we looked at a skeleton poem about an owl. Then we planned our poems based on Otto, thinking of adjectives, nouns, verbs and adverbs which described different parts of his body. Some of us tried to add more interest by adding similes. 

When we had written them, we turned them into a book of poems which we can enjoy in the book corner or we can perform it on the outdoor stage. We have already performed some of them in front of the class and to one another, filming some of them using the Ipads. 


Fire of Icknield 


On Thursday 9th November, the Year 2 children celebrated the end of their topic 'London' with a reinactment of the Great Fire of London. All of the children had made a house in DT to look like one of the houses from 1666. We then organised these houses close together in rows like the houses would have been like 350 years ago. An additional house was made as bakery as this is where the fire started in Pudding Lane and this was what was lit.  

It was very exciting to see the fire spread from the bakery along to all the other houses. As it was burning, we sang 'London's Burning' and we even managed to sing it in a round! 

Thank you to all the parents and children who came to this event but also to the Baldock Fire service who attended too, as they made sure that we were all safe! 


Fire of Icknield


As part of our Harvest festival celebrations, we helped to deliver some food boxes using the food that was kindly brought in from children at home and we took it to our elderly friends in the community. When we delivered these boxes, the elderly people seemed very thankful and enjoyed chatting to us. 

However, to also celebrate Harvest this year, we not only thought about Harvest in our country but we also found out about Harvest around the world. In Jeffers class we learnt about Harvest in Ghana which is in Africa. We now know that the food that they harvest is different to this country, they harvest yam which is a bit like a potato. People in Ghana will often eat it mashed and served with hard boiled egg! During this festival drums are played, songs our sung and typically people will wear a form of toga made from kente cloth which is brightly coloured and has a repeating pattern. Some of us designed some kente cloth designs using ruler to create horizontal, vertical and zig zag lines, whilst some of us used a template so that we could focus on the colours in our designs. Dong Xiang also enjoyed creating the Ghana flag after Harvey found it in a non fiction book about flags around the world. 

Fire of London Day 


On Thursday 22nd September Year 2 had a Great Fire of London Day hosted by History off the Page to launch our topic for the term 'London.'

It was an exciting day seeing everyone dressed up as if we were in 1666. In the morning we experienced exciting activities to show us what it would have been like in 1666 had we been there. Some of us made candles by dipping the wicks into wax (candles would have been the main source of light in the houses as there wasn't electricity.) Some of us tapped out our names using mini hammers onto squares of leather, whilst some of us mixed herbs to create strong smelling bags to help if we were feeling unwell. We were lucky enough to take home the things that we made to share with our grown ups. 

In the afternoon, when we were told the fire had spread and Master Craig needed us to be detectives to find out which of the shops had burnt down. We dug into the soil to look for clues. We then used this information to work out if the place that had burnt down was rich or poor and how we knew. 

Unfortunately Mrs Cooper wasn't able to join us on this exciting day but she knows all about the day as we wrote detailed recounts for her the following week. We included time connectives so she knew the order of events and we wrote about our favourite part of the day. 


"Teaching is good. This is having a very positive impact on pupils' increasingly successful learning.... Pupils feel safe because they know they are well cared for. They behave well and have good attitudes to learning."
- Ofsted 2014

"I am amazing. Together we are magnificent!"

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