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Year 2 - Jeffers Class

Welcome to Jeffers' Class Page. Our class teacher is Miss Clark.

Did you know we are called Jeffers Class after the author Oliver Jeffers? We have really enjoyed reading some of his books in class including 'The Day the Crayons Quit', 'Lost and Found' and 'Up and Down.'


Here you can enjoy looking at photos of our learning and access websites that can help to enhance the children's learning further. 


Talk for Writing

In Jeffers Class we have been learning about instructions. First we followed instructions to make a Christmas biscuit. Then we looked at what we need to use in good instructions. We recited how to make a Christmas biscuit using actions and text maps.


After learning how to write instructions we decided we wanted to teach Year 1 how to make a paper snowflake. We planned and wrote our own instructions making sure to include all of the features we had learnt about. It was very exciting to visit Year 1. We helped them to carefully fold and cut their snowflakes.



Material Science

During science we have been learning about materials and their properties. Our teacher has been helping us to design experiments, make predictions and record and evaluate our findings. We really enjoyed investigating which material would make a good cape for a superhero.


It was so much fun testing the flexibility of the materials using a hair dryer. Then we talked about what we saw and thought about what else a superhero cape would need. We decided it would be good if it was also waterproof so  we tested this.

A Recipe for Christmas


Before Christmas we watched some videos about giving and receiving gifts. We discussed what is important at Christmas and what makes it so special. We then designed our own recipes for the perfect Christmas. We love working together in Jeffers class so we helped each other to write a poem. After we had written our poems we shared them with the rest of the class. Please take a look at them. We really enjoyed writing poetry and had lots of ideas.


We are so lucky to have had so many wonderful activities for Christmas. Our parents came in to school to help us make decorations. We made snowmen versions of ourselves, elf hats for our Christmas jumper day and decorated ginger bread men.


We also got to watch a pantomime!

Our 2017 Ofsted inspection commented - that we still provide good quality education & a stimulating & caring environment. Individual needs are well met & children quickly grow in confidence. There is a positive culture for safeguarding & pupils said that they feel happy & settled in school.

"I am amazing. Together we are magnificent!"

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