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Year 2 - Potter Class

Welcome to Potter Class.


Did you know that we are called Potter Class after Beatrix Potter? She was born over 150 years ago! On our web page you will find lots of exciting things that we have been learning about and creating in school. 

Picture 1 Some of our favourite Beatrix Potter characters!
Picture 2

Here are some of our favourite Beatrix Potter stories.

Here are some of our favourite Beatrix Potter stories.  1

Outdoor Learning Day

We had a brilliant time during Outdoor Learning Day. Our day was full of fun activities.

First, we went around the outdoor area to see if we could find all of the colours of the rainbow. 


Next, created skeletons using outdoor materials and then invented stories about how our skeleton got to be in our Wildlife Area. 


During the afternoon, we created outdoor art sculptures. We worked very well together as a team!. 



Creative Fortnight 


This year, our Creative Fortnight topic is Up, Up, Above! We have had lots of fun learning about creatures and plants that can be found up above in the Rainforest. 


During our first week we were visited by Victoria who made clay models with us. Victoria comes to work with us every year so we were excited to show her her our clay modelling skills. We made Rainforest tiles which were full of plants, trees and a toucan too. 


As well as clay modelling, we have also been learning to weave using fabric. We have had a great time creating colourful flowers and some of us made rainbows too. 


Christmas Decoration Morning


On Thursday 30th November we held our make a decoration event. Our parents and families were invited to come in to make a range of Christmas decorations with us.

In our class we made: 

Paper plate snowmen, winding paper plate Christmas trees, baby Jesus stars, snow globes using cotton buds, colourful paper Christmas trees and a hand shaped wreath. 


Have a look at the pictures of us making our decorations. 

The Great Fire of Icknield 


In November, we held our annual Great Fire of Icknield event. All of the children in Year 2 made a replica of a house that would be found in the streets of London in 1666. We then started a fire at the Bakery which would have been found in Pudding Lane. We loved watching the fire spreading amongst the houses. 


Little Charlie


As part of our English lessons we went for a journey around Letchworth. We spotted three lots of characters on the way, these included: the wise owl at the tunnel, the hedgehog outside Morrisons and not one, not two but three mice at the bank. We used our experience on this journey to help us write our own journey story. 


Here is the start of Malaika's story that she wrote. 


Beautiful Princess Elizabeth

Once upon a time there lives a girl called Princess Elizabeth. One morning her brother asked, take this basket to your Nanny's house. She put a KFC happy mean,  a chocolate candy sweet and a sweet, juicy pumpkin. 

First she skipped and she skipped and she skipped until she got to the freezing pond and met three ducks swimming about in the pond. The ducks asked "what have you got in your bag?" Quacked the ducks sadly. 

"I've got a KFC happy meal and a sweet pumpkin but she kept the sour sweet hidden. "I will take the pumpkin please" and the three ducks happily gobbled it all up. 


I wonder what animals Malaika's character will meet of the rest of her journey. 



Below are some fun websites for you to try at home.

You can also access Education City at home; it's full of fun activities and games. 

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