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Year 2 - Potter Class

Welcome to Potter Class.


Did you know that we are called Potter Class after Beatrix Potter? She was born 150 years ago this year!  On our web page you will find lots of exciting things that we have been learning and creating in school. 

Picture 1 Some of our favourite Beatrix Potter characters!
Picture 2

The Rainy Sports Day


Written by Maya Jones 


On Tuesday the 27th of June it was Icknield's sports day. First we did jump to jump. We had to run up to the plastic bar and jump four times over the bar. Then we did basketball, the aim of the game was to run with the ball in your hand, bounce the ball with the palm of your hand and then throw it into the hoop. Finally we did the hockey. The aim of the game was to try and get the ball between the cones using only a hockey stick! Unfortunately we had to end sports day early because it started raining but we still had a great time! 

Outdoor Classroom Day


On Thursday 18th May we had an extra fun day because we were learning outside! We did lots of fun activities including searching for objects that are alive, never have been alive or not alive any more, exploring how different creates travel from one habitat to another and we also made bug hotels with a visitor from the local park. 

Take a look at some of our photographs from the day of exploring the outdoors. 




Science Week! 


We loved Science Week because we carried out so many experiments. We used our scientific skills to make predictions, observe the experiment and then record our results. 

Take a look at the pictures of some of the experiments we did. 


Recycling Workshop!


We were lucky enough to be visited by someone who taught us all about recycling. We learned about what materials our rubbish are made out of and then we had a go at sorting out the rubbish into the different bins. After, we even said that we would now be able to help our grown-ups with the recycling at home. 


Creative Fortnight 


Have a look at the brilliant display board the children have created. We worked together to paint it using brushes and stamps made from sponges. Some of us have been busy during our Golden Time making fish and different creatures that can be found under the sea. 

Above our 'Under the Sea' display we have made a huge rainbow fish. We each made a scale to go onto the fish by weaving different materials. 

We are enjoying Creative Fortnight at the moment and we have been doing lots of fun activities. Have a look at some of the pictures below of what we have been up to. 

Picture 1 We're painting an under the sea themed board.
Picture 2 We really enjoyed our theatre workshop.
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6



It's the end of our first term in Year 2 already and what a brilliant term we have had. 

We have recently enjoyed making lots of different Christmas decorations that we displayed in the classroom to give us some festive cheer. Thank you very much for all of the parents who could join us on decoration morning.

This term we also got to perform in our Christmas Play, Lights Camel Action. This was brilliant fun and everyone should be so proud of themselves.  

The Great Fire of Icknield

The Great Fire of Icknield  1
The Great Fire of Icknield  2

Wow! We had a brilliant time at the Great Fire of Icknield event. We'd made some Tudor style houses in the classroom which we then put onto some boxes to recreate the busy streets of London during 1666.

The fire started at the bakery on Pudding Lane and spread to other houses around it. Can you remember how long the fire went on for? 


Thank you to everyone who came to our event. 

The Great Fire of London day, 1666

The Great Fire of London day, 1666 1

We have been learning about The Great Fire of London as part of our London topic. We dressed up and went back in time to 1666. We found out that the fire started accidentally in the bakery on Pudding Lane. We had a brilliant day because we got to make and create lots of precious things that might have been made back in 1666. Some of us even worked together as a team to put the fire out by using water from the well! 

Below are some fun websites for you to try at home.

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- Ofsted 2014

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