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Reception – Butterworth Class

Welcome to the Butterworth Class page!


Our Class Teacher is Mrs Cruise.  Our teaching assistants are Mrs Drummond, Ms Praxner and Mrs Hammond,


Did you know we are called Butterworth Class after the author Nick Butterworth? We have really enjoyed reading some of his books in class including 'One Snowy Night', 'After the Storm' and 'The Rescue Party'.




Our First Half Term


We have had a great start to Reception, getting to know our school, classroom, and grown-ups.  We have made lots of new friends too.  We have also become much more independent, managing our belongings in the cloakroom and keeping ourselves clean and safe at school.  We go for lunch with our friends, where we have to choose our own meal and carry our own trays!


We have focussed on Getting To Know You as our topic.  We started with ourselves, we carefully painted our faces trying hard to use the right colours.  We shared our likes and dislikes with our new friends and grown-ups, we talked about our families, our pets and any community groups we belong to.  We also brought in great news from home to help our school grown-ups learn about all the amazing things we achieve with our families.  We thought about people who care for us at home and at school, identifying those we could go to for help when we need it.  We have also learnt how to use technology safely to help us with our learning.


We have challenged ourselves at school by taking risks in our play, such as handling large construction items and using scissors.  We have also explored our Forest School and are learning about the hazards to be found there and setting the boundaries for our exploration.


We have worked really hard on our social and communication skills and are much better now at taking turns and sharing.  We are now using our words when we get upset, cross or frustrated at school.



In maths we are learning about numbers, especially how we can represent numbers such as with our fingers, numicon, cubes, on dice, using other objects, with actions, tens frames and digits.  We know the best ways to count without getting in a muddle and that even if we move items around the number stays the same.


We have enjoyed lots of stories this term, focussing on ones with rhyme, and repeated phrases as-well as traditional tales.  We especially love visiting the library bus for story time. 


We have had an amazing start to our Reception year already making lots of friends and lots of progress with our learning!



Let's Celebrate


Let's Celebrate has been our theme this term and we got straight into it with a really busy first week back when we learned about Halloween and Bonfire Night.  We loved sharing our experiences of these celebrations and we were careful to be respectful and kind just like Ronnie and Rosie if people did not take part in these celebrations.  We found out that Bonfire Night is a British celebration but that Halloween is enjoyed in many countries.  We understand that sometimes people from different communities have different special times.


The following week was also busy as we remembered those kind, brave people that fought to protect us in our country and our neighbours in their countries from people that were not kind or respectful.  We found out that people show their gratitude by wearing poppies.


We demonstrated  our kindness by wearing odd socks on Odd Sock Day, this helped us to reflect like The Frog Prince on how people can be different and that is okay.   Later that week we were generous by raising money for Children In Need.  We had an amazing time meeting Pudsey!


After that we learnt about the Celebration Diwali.  We found out it is a Hindu festival when people remember Rama and Sita.  It is a very colourful festival and we made some amazing rangoli patterns, mehandi patterns and divas to take home to our families.  We also enjoyed trying some Indian food.


Finally we came to Christmas, which is the biggest celebration in Britain.  Lots of people celebrate it to remember when Jesus was born but we respect other people that don't celebrate it or believe the story from the bible.  We understand that it is a Christian festival but that lots of other people join in too as it is a time when we can enjoy being with our family and friends and sharing gifts with the ones we love.  We were able to visit our local church and learn about how and why Christians celebrate Christmas, it was very exciting.  At Icknield we are really lucky because Santa actually finds the time to come and visit with us, he even managed it this year while remaining socially distanced, and we do lots of amazing things with our friends as part of the celebration.  We still continue to be kind and raise money for Save The Children by wearing Christmas jumpers.


As part of our learning we have reflected on the similarities and differences between the festivals, we have discovered that most celebrations involve food and fire in some way.


We have continued to persevere and manage risks in Forest School this term, we worked up to whittling a piece of elder with a peeler, Mrs Cruise was so proud of us for safely doing this and for being safe in the area generally.   In addition to learning to peel we used our maths and creative skills in the forest to make a Christmas decoration, we made patterns with leaves to make a garland.


In Maths this term we have used shapes for building and making patterns, we are amazing now at completing some really challenging patterns because we persevered.  We have thought a lot about measuring, using specific language related to size and weight, and comparing the size and weight of different things in our setting.  We have also been sorting items into sets using a range of criteria.


It has been a fantastic half term full of exciting things like celebrations, a virtual panto, celebration assemblies, forest school and learning to read!  We have done an amazing job in phonics and are brilliant robot readers and writers.  Mrs Cruise is looking forward to teaching us lots of new sounds next term so we can write even more words and sentences.



Our 2017 Ofsted inspection commented - that we still provide good quality education & a stimulating & caring environment. Individual needs are well met & children quickly grow in confidence. There is a positive culture for safeguarding & pupils said that they feel happy & settled in school.

"I am amazing. Together we are magnificent!"

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