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Reception – Butterworth Class

Welcome to the Butterworth Class page!


Our Class Teacher is Mrs Cruise.


Did you know we are called Butterworth Class after the author Nick Butterworth? We have really enjoyed reading some of his books in class including 'One Snowy Night', 'After the Storm' and 'The Rescue Party'.




Our First Half Term


We have had a great start to Reception, getting to know our school, classroom, and grown-ups.  We have made lots of new friends too.  We have also become much more independent, we get changed for PE and go for lunch with our friends!


We have been learning about People Who Help Us.  We thought about people who help us at home, at school and out and about.  We also learnt about how to stay safe, which grown-ups we can ask for help if we have a problem and who would help us in an emergency.  We had lots of visitors and really enjoyed having a sit in a fire engine.

We hope you enjoy these photographs!



We had so much fun learning about Christmas and preparing for the celebration.  We also learnt that there are other Celebrations which include light, such as Bonfire Night and Diwali.

Bye-bye Winter... hello Spring!

We have had a fantastic term, with a strong focus on developing literacy and mathematics in the context of learning about the world around us.  We began by thinking about how Winter feels and looks here in Letchworth, including thinking about the animals that live here and how they may behave in Winter.  We then expanded our thinking to the North Pole and considered what it might be like to live there for both humans and other animals.  We had great fun having a go at Inuit throat singing, get your little musicians to show you how it is done!


Following on from this the whole school took part in a Forest School Fortnight, we were lucky to have clement weather most days and made the most of spending as much time as possible outdoors in our grounds.  We had a wide range of visitors and activities to participate in, from calming meditation to scary clay tree faces and plenty more besides.


After half term we had a lot of very windy weather, which contrasted with some very warm days over half-term.  Despite the weather we managed to see some signs of Spring around us with bulbs and blossom flowering.  We combined learning about the springtime through growing and observing plants with learning about traditional tales, we focussed on Jack And The Beanstalk and have grown our own beans and written our own beanstalk stories.  We have even made up a bean dance which demonstrates germination to Morning by Grieg, pop it on YouTube and ask your children to show you their moves!


We have ended the term by learning about the story behind Easter and how Christians celebrate Easter, once again with a visitor to help bring the children's learning to life.  We have brought new life to our school field by planting willow, elder and cherry trees and hope that the children will be able to see them growing for many years to come... perhaps even when they have children of their own at our setting!  Finally, we have celebrated the arrival of our library bus, we are very lucky to have this amazing space and look forward to using it next term.

Magical Maths: Numbers, Shapes, Patterns, Symmetry and Estimating!


We have been amazing mathematicians this term, we have persevered to learn how to count objects accurately, read and order numbers to 20 and beyond.  We have even used some huge numbers when estimating and have have started counting in 2's, 5's and 10's to count large numbers of objects.


We have revisited 3D shapes and as well as being able to spot and name them we can now build our own!


As we had caterpillars in our class and were thinking a lot about butterflies we looked at the patterns on their wings and the patterns on other animals.  We made our own patterns using cubes and found different ways to represent butterflies that showed how their wings are symmetrical. 

Standalone Farm


We had an amazing day out at Standalone Farm to end our half term's learning about animals and their life cycles.  It was brilliant to see the animals first hand, and smell them too!  There was much love for the outdoor Kune Kune pigs but the indoor pigs were not so appreciated.  It was fantastic to see the cow being milked, we were all surprised by the capacity of milk she produced... and also surprised when she decided that was the moment to produce a cow pat.  Some of us got closer to nature than we would have liked!  The kissing gate on the way to the bird Hyde was the cause of much laughter, despite the noise we still managed to spy lots of wildlife.


A special treat this year was to see the forge up and running and see two blacksmiths at work, it was fascinating.  As usual the children adored having their 'picnic' lunch, watching the model railway, playing on tractors and the playground and finally  ending their day with ice lollies.  They shared the spaces beautifully with the other people at the farm, showing kindness and respect.  We are very proud to say that a member of the public was so impressed with our children's behaviour that she emailed the school to tell us!!!


We were also very proud with how determined the children were on the walk home, although they were tired and hot they didn't complain and happily marched back as quickly as they could.  It was a joy to accompany them and was a day we will all have fond memories of.

Our Last Half Term


We have had a brilliant beginning to our last half-term, once again enjoying our forest school sessions and beginning our transition to year one.  We have visited the bus with our grown-ups and to say farewell to our lovely student.  Some of us have popped to the Year One classrooms to do 'jobs' for Mrs Cruise and we have all been to see their outdoor area and to play on their playground.  We love their play equipment.  We have also been enjoying the sunny weather, having picnic lunches outside and playing on the big school field.  We had a fantastic time at a drumming workshop, have continued our Playtrition sessions which help us learn about being healthy and loved harvesting the potatoes we planted in the spring and eating them!


We are still looking forward to sports day, meeting our new teachers and celebrating our huge achievements in Reception class.

Our 2017 Ofsted inspection commented - that we still provide good quality education & a stimulating & caring environment. Individual needs are well met & children quickly grow in confidence. There is a positive culture for safeguarding & pupils said that they feel happy & settled in school.

"I am amazing. Together we are magnificent!"

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