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A Christmas Treat!

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As our families know, we have been learning different Nursery Rhyme songs this term and learning the Makaton actions. For our last song this term we chose "Little Donkey" which tells the journey of Mary and Joseph travelling to Bethlehem. Both Morning and Afternoon Nursery have recorded the song. We hope you enjoy them.


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A few displays from this term....








Autumn 2 terms learning!


Celebrating Christmas 

We have been using developing our creative skills in making lots of Christmas crafts! We threaded, printed, painted, cut, glued using a variety of medias. We have also used loose parts to create our own Christmas trees outside and had a virtual visit from Jess the vicar at St. Thomas'. 










Outdoor learning


We love to learn outdoors in Nursery! We have enjoyed making lots of potions and mud cakes in our mud kitchen, and have been making bubbles and mixing colours in the playground!






Forest School Fun!

We have continued to explore our outdoor area, venturing further afield this term to investigate the changes in the seasons in our forest area!






Polar Bear Polar Bear, what do you hear?

Our story this term has been Polar Bear Polar Bear what do you hear. We have read the story together, talked about the different animals in the story and the noises they make. We have then re-told the story in our own words!





Remembrance Day

We have been learning about Remembrance and why we wear poppies. We listened to a story and engaged in lots of different poppy activities such as counting poppy seeds and playdough poppies. We also used different collage materials to make out own poppy pictures.









Odd socks day

We celebrated odd socks day by recognising we are all different!



Children in Need

We enjoyed celebrating children in need day. We had lots of Pudsey themed activities that we tried throughout the day!






We also played games outside where we acted out our ages. One game we had to throw either 3/4 bean bags into the tray depending on our age!




This term we have learnt about the festival Diwali. We learnt that Diwali is the festival of lights. We made our own rangoli patterns out of shapes, rice and chalk and decorated henna patterns on hands.













Bonfire Night


We enjoyed experimenting with different medias to create our firework pictures. We talked about the changes in the colours and the noises the fireworks make.








Nursery Class displays Autumn 1

Pumpkin soup and Halloween!


In our last week this term we have enjoyed reading the story Pumpkin Soup, we talked about friendship and what we can do if we have a disagreement. We have also been exploring pumpkins, making potions and creating spiders!











Forest School


As part of our forest school sessions this term we have used different books to help us explore the changes outdoors.










We also talked about how the changes in our weather will effect the animals in our gardens so we decided to make some bird feeders!






                           Our Nursery - Autumn 1


We have really enjoyed welcoming our new Nursery children this term. We have been very busy getting to know the routines and making new friends. We used the book 'The Colour Monster' to help us talk about our feelings.




We're going on a Lion Hunt


Our book focus in Spring 2 was 'We're going on a lion hunt' by David Axtell. The children in the story go on a lion hunt through swamps, lakes and grass. We have enjoyed acting out the story, creating our own lions and finding lions in our classroom!






The seasons are changing!


We have been talking about the seasons and noticing the changes outside. We have had some very blustery days in which we have made kites and explored the best place to fly them. We have also noticed our flowers have started to grow. We have talked about how to look after them.






Owl Babies


Our book focus for Spring 1 has been 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell. We have really enjoyed learning about he different characters and exploring how the characters were feeling throughout the book. We created our own pictures of our favourite character.





Investigating snow!

We enjoyed exploring in the snow. We made snow castles and snowmen. We talked about how the snow felt and why it melts. 





Pancake Day

We read the book Mr Wolf's pancakes and enjoyed making our pancakes at Nursery today. We talked about the recipe and the ingredients that we needed. We then used this learning in our play where we pretended to make lots of delicious pancakes for our friends!






It's Christmas!


We have been getting ready for Christmas! Some of us had the opportunity to visit the local church to listen to the story of the Nativity. We invited our parents in to the classroom to make decorations with us.










Polar Bear Polar Bear, What do you hear?


Our book this term was Polar Bear Polar Bear, What do you hear? We have talked about the different characters in the story and made up own own characters to go into our Nursery book.





Staying Active!


We have used lots of new equipment in Nursery this term. We have had a focus on balancing and developing our core muscles!




World Nursery Rhyme Week

We celebrated World Nursery Rhyme week, as part of our learning we learnt new versions of familiar songs.





Our reading bus!


We have enjoyed this term visiting our reading bus and sharing books with our teachers and friends. 




In Maths this term we have learnt....


Lots of different words to describe how tall/long/short something is. We explored different lengths and compared sizes with our friends.





Played with lots of different shapes, built different models and named the different shapes we were using in our play. 






Matched numbers to quantities




                           Children in Need!

We had a very special visit from Pudsey Bear. We talked about how we can help others and how we can be kind to our friends in Nursery.  We made spotty hats, played odd an odd sock game and played with lots of circles.







Bonfire Fun!


We used a range of medias to create our own bonfire pictures and models.









                                   Pumpkin fun!


We have enjoyed using pumpkins in our play this term. We have weighed, explored what they look like inside, counted the seeds and used hammers to put pegs into them.


We read the story pumpkin soup and have talked about the different characters and how they were feeling during the story. 





                          Exploring Autumn


We have been noticing the changes outside and exploring them as part of our learning. We brought in Autumn treasures from home and made autumn collages.







We have read "Leaf Man" and "It's not a stick" as part of our Forest School Learning.


 "It's a magic wand"


"It's a banana"






                                 Rhyme time!


We have been enjoying learning different rhymes and singing them in Nursery!



                   Our first few weeks in Nursery!

Welcome to Nursery!

What a busy few weeks we have had settling into Nursery. A warm welcome to all of our new children and families, we look forward to getting to know you and working with you all. 


We are enjoying new learning experiences in our Nursery class and have been exploring all the toys and resources we can play and learn with.


We have been reading traditional tales as part of our story time and have been talking about the characters.








Celebration of our learning!


We invited families and friends to come and join us to share our learning this term.






The Rainbow Fish


This term we have learnt about the story of the Rainbow Fish. We have experimented mixing colours to create our own under the sea scenes.




We have also been on treasure hunts to find Pirate Pete's Gold! We had to use our numbers and knowledge of positional and directional language to solve the clues!






And we have been learning lots of new information about the creatures that live under the sea.



Summer term Forest School


In Forest School this term we have been collecting sticks and ordering them in size order.






We have also looked at and talked about the textures of bark and created our own bark rubbing pictures.





We released our butterflies and ladybirds!


Last term we learnt about the life cycle of a ladybird and butterfly. Over the holidays are cocoons and larva metamorphosed into butterflies and ladybirds.




Our library bus!


We invited our parents to come and join us on the bus. We enjoyed reading stories together!




            Developing our gross motor movements


We have been challenging ourselves outdoors in using new equipment. We did find it a bit tricky at first but we kept trying and helped each other and are now really good at using the ladder and the steppers!








Each week a groups of children get to participate in cooking activities. This term we have had a focus on healthy eating. We made fruit kebabs, salad and pasta.





                                         Changes in our garden


We have been observing the changes in our outdoor environment. We noticed that blossom had formed on the trees and we have painted our own pictures.





                               Our Ladybirds


We have been learning about ladybirds this term. We received ladybird eggs and have watched them change into larva, pupa and then hatch into little ladybirds.



We have been reading the story What the ladybird heard and have thought of different words to describe her.  We worked together to complete the jigsaw and talked about the different parts of a  ladybird.


Creating Easter Baskets


As part of our Easter learning we have been exploring the texture of clay and have carefully creating our own Easter baskets. We manipulated the clay by pinching, twisting, rolling and moulding. We are going to paint them and take them home at the end of term,



The Gruffalo


This term our novel study has been The Gruffalo. We have been on a Gruffalo hunt into our woodland area and have enjoyed talking about the different characters and describing what they look like. We have also acted out the story using puppets and story spoons.





Shape Hunt!


We have enjoyed looking for shapes around us and have started to create our own shapes using natural objects.




Planting and watching things grow and change!

This term we have been busy planting and watching our seeds grow. We have planted potatoes in sacks and we are adding my soil and watering them. We have been observing beans grow in cotton wool and talking about the changes we see. We have drawn and painted flowers and during one of our forest school sessions we also planted salad seeds for us to take home over the Easter Holidays.








                     Developing our outdoor classroom


During the Spring Term we have been developing our outdoor area. We have created a new mud kitchen and sand pit. We planned out and measured together what we wanted and our hard working Caretaker Mr Egan has helped us in making our creations possible.







Forest School 


We have been enjoying being out and about in our woodland area. We have been busy counting different leaves and sticks, we have noticed the changes of colours around us. As part of our Forest School Fortnight we got to make models with clay and also relax and focus our minds with Yoga.






Our Library bus!


We were very excited to see our library bus arrive. We all got to go on the bus to read stories and pretend to be the driver. We took our experiences back into the classroom and made our own bus and painted our own pictures of what the bus looked like.






Owl Babies


This term we learnt about the story Owl Babies. We came back to Nursery after the weekend and nest had appeared with an egg. We talked about who could have left the egg, a bird, crocodile, dinosaur... We then discovered it was an owls nest and they left us the book Owl Babies to read. We enjoyed talking about the characters and made lots of models and pictures of different birds.






Exploring Snow and Ice


What a wonderful term we have had with the weather. We have been very lucky to explore the snow, building snow people and talking about what it feels, looks and sounds like.





We have enjoyed painting with ice and seeing what happens when the ice melts and mixes together!




In Nursery we have been doing lots of exciting things to get ready for Christmas. Our grown ups came in for Make a decoration day where we used lots of glue, glitter paint and sparkles. The children got to choose a present and wrap it up on the Christmas shopping day.


The children had a great time at their Christmas class party, they dressed up, ate party food and wore the party hats they had made. FATHER CHRISTMAS even made a visit!!

Mystery Visitors in Nursery!


We have been investigating some very strange things in Nursery this week! A Door magically appeared in our curiosity cube. The next day white footprints appeared all over the classroom - we thought maybe a snowman was loose in our classroom. The next day a tiny bell appeared and soon after in disappeared! On Thursday a letter arrived from Basil our Kindness Elf asking us to help him find his bell. We drew pictures and talked to our grown ups to see if they had seen it. On Friday we found it and to say thank you Basil gave us a new book!

Special Delivery from Spot the Dog!


We came to Nursery on Monday and were surprised by a special parcel. We talked about who could have sent it to us. We carefully opened the package and found items to do with celebrating birthdays. The next day we received a book from Spot the Dog, it was about his birthday and he wanted help from us inviting his friends to his party. We wrote lists of people he could invite, made decorations for the party and baked cakes!



In Nursery we supported Children In Need by making a donation and wearing SPOTS to Nursery. We explored using circles and spots in our learning and even had a visit from PUDSEY BEAR.

Diwali Celebrations!


We have enjoyed learning about the festival of Diwali. We have created our own diva lamps and enjoyed making our own firework pictures using different medias.



Exploring Autumn!


We have been enjoying noticing and talking about the the changes we can see happening outside.  We went on a Autumn hunt with our families and brought in lots of Autumnal objects which we then used our magnifying glasses and senses of touch and smell to look at, and create Autumn pictures. We have read stories and sang new songs about harvest and the changes in the leaves. We brought in food items from home to make into parcels for our elderly neighbours sharing these with the rest of the school in a special Harvest assembly.

Exploring Autumn!

Welcome to Nursery!


What a busy few weeks we have had settling into Nursery. A huge welcome to all of our new children and families, we look forward to getting to know you and working with you all. We have been getting to know our new friends and teachers in Nursery. 


We are enjoying new learning experiences in our Nursery class and have been exploring all the toys and resources we can play with.



Our first few weeks in Nursery!

Our 2017 Ofsted inspection commented - that we still provide good quality education & a stimulating & caring environment. Individual needs are well met & children quickly grow in confidence. There is a positive culture for safeguarding & pupils said that they feel happy & settled in school.

"I am amazing. Together we are magnificent!"

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