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Reception – Inkpen Class

Welcome to the Inkpen Class page!


Our Class Teacher is Miss Gilbert and our Teaching Assistant is called Mrs Whitten.

Inkpen class is named after the author Mick Inkpen who wrote the 'Kipper' books. Our class mascot is named after the main character from the books. 

Autumn Term

Welcome to Inkpen Class! All of the children have settled really well and are learning the routines for the Class. 


We have been learning about numbers and thinking about counting out different objects and actions - and knowing when to stop!


Maths 1
Maths 2
Maths 3


We have been thinking about the Characters in stories. We have had a go at making a few! Can you tell who they are? 

Who is your favourite character?


Jack came to visit!

Jack came to visit! 1
Jack came to visit! 2
Jack came to visit! 3
Jack came to visit! 4


We have been learning about Festivals and one of the Festivals we have thought about is Diwali.

We read the story of Rama and Sita and how Sita was taken away by the evil Ravana. Rama and Hanuman worked together to find her and bring her home.

An important part of Diwali is light as people lit special lamps to help Rama and Sita get home. We had a go at making Diva lamps using clay.

We also made some special food call Barfi which is made with coconut. 


Diwali 1 These are our Rangoli Patterns

We are also celebrating Christmas!

We had our adults in to help us make decorations. We made salt dough shapes and wrote lists to Santa. 

We have made cards and reindeer hats and thought about the story of the Nativity.


Christmas! 1 Celebrating Christmas
Christmas! 2 A fantastic Reindeer
Christmas! 3 Dear Santa
Christmas! 4 Helping
Christmas! 5 Yum yum!
Christmas! 6 Creating decorations
Christmas! 7 Writing
Christmas! 8 Proud!

Our 2017 Ofsted inspection commented - that we still provide good quality education & a stimulating & caring environment. Individual needs are well met & children quickly grow in confidence. There is a positive culture for safeguarding & pupils said that they feel happy & settled in school.

"I am amazing. Together we are magnificent!"

5 3 1 5 8