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Reception - Rosen Class

Welcome to Rosen's Class Page !


Our class teacher is Mrs Steeley.


Did you know we are called Rosen Class after the author Michael Rosen? We have really enjoyed reading some of his books and poems in class including 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt', 'Chocolate Cake' and 'Little Rabbit Foo Foo'.



    Our first half term in Reception.


We have had a great start to Reception, getting to know our school, classroom, and grown-ups.  We have made lots of new friends too.  We have also become much more independent, we get changed for PE and go for lunch with our friends!  


Our class mascot is Rosen Bear.  Rosen Bear gets to spend the weekend with our "Star of the Week".


In our first few weeks in Reception, we enjoyed learning about our class author Michael Rosen. We enjoyed bear themed activities and had fun retelling the story of "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" using the African Drums.





People Who Help Us


We have been learning about People Who Help Us.  We thought about people who help us at home, at school and out and about.  We also learnt about how to stay safe, which grown-ups we can ask for help if we have a problem and who would help us in an emergency.  


We have had lots of visitors including

Doctor Dipti, "Vets for Pets" and the firefighters.


We have enjoyed caring for animals in our role play vets.

Celebrating Harvest


We enjoyed our Harvest Celebrations in Rosen Class.  Thank you to all the children who brought in food for our harvest display and to share with our elderly neighbours.


We enjoyed singing our harvest songs and listening to "Harvest Samba" at register time.  We talked about how food is grown. 


We had fun with our parents and grandparents with a morning of harvest activities in our class.  We were able to choose from lots of different creative activities including making bread and jam sandwiches, drawing and describing our favourite foods and "guess the mystery vegetable" game.

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Festivals and Celebrations


We have enjoyed our festivals and celebrations topic.  We have learned about the story of the first Diwali and enjoyed a visit from Michael's Mummy to tell us all about how they celebrate Diwali in their house.  We have made rangoli patterns from chalk and paint and also drew our own mehendi designs.  We used lights and other bright objects, some magnetic and some not, to make patterns in our science and investigation area.  We used all of our new learning to put on an assembly for our school friends and our parents.


We have also learned the story about the first Christmas and had a visit from Jackie from the Salvation Army.  She told us all about why Christmas is special for Christmas and how they celebrated.  We have acted out the Christmas story in the role play area.  We held a special "Make a Decoration Day" and invited our parents in to come and make decorations too.  In maths we enjoyed talking about all the numbers between 0 and 24 as we counted down to Christmas.


We had fun choosing and wrapping presents on our Christmas Shopping Day.


Our Christmas cards and Christmas calendars this year have been based around the theme of 2D and 3D shapes.  We used a repeating pattern on our party day hats and also talked about recycling old bits of paper to make new things.




Our  super winter topic


We talked about the changes that we see outside in Winter.  We took our own photos of signs of winter and recorded the temperature inside and outside.  We talked about how animals and birds survive when the weather is cold and looked carefully at where they make their winter homes.  We were creative with paints, pencils fabric and block building.  We learned about hibernation and migration.




We were delighted when the snow came and we were able to play in it.  We also tested out our understanding of camouflage by hiding different coloured animals in the snow.  We made cakes with blue snow inside the classroom.

We learned about people who live in the North Pole, the houses that they live in, what they wear, how they travel and the animals around them.

Forest School Fortnight

We spent two weeks doing lots of learning outdoors.  We needed to wear our waterproof clothes and wellies.  We went on a scavenger hunt which made us use our observational skills and look for hidden treasure.  We camouflaged our toys and hid them in the Winter Wood - they were really tricky to find !  We also enjoyed an indoor mindfulness session making shapes and balancing like woodland animals.  We made nests and birds out of clay with Victoria.  We had a visit from Tony the Park Keeper and learned about nests made by birds and mice.  We learned lots of great campfire songs and sang them around a real campfire.  We shared hot chocolate and biscuits together outside.

Growing and Changing


In the last two terms we have been learning about growing and changing. 


We turned our Science Area into a "Germination Station".  We found some old seeds left over from our Winter Topic and an old bean and a potato left over from Harvest.  We thought about whether we could use these seeds again.  We took a vote and agreed that we should plant them to see what would happen.  We thought about what we knew about growing seeds and wrote "Top Tips" about how to care for them.  We worked together to plant and water them.  Lots of children planted seeds for their homework too.  We kept a class diary about how our seeds were growing and changing.  We measured them and counted shoots and leaves.   We looked carefully at seeds, roots and shoots and drew and painted them.  We talked about the changes that we could see.  We wrote our own information books about seeds.


Heydon's Dad came in to talk with us about working in a Garden Centre.  He told us about the needs of different types of plants.  We were really interested in Cacti and painted lots of them.


 In PE we used music and movement to represent how a seed grows into a flower.  We danced to classical music called "Morning" by Grieg.

Easter Activities


We enjoyed learning about Easter.  We talked about lent and had a Pancake Race on the school field.  Jackie from the Salvation Army came in to tell us how Christian's celebrate Easter and what happened to Jesus when he grew up.  We enjoyed making our own Easter Gardens and using the paints to decorate Easter Eggs.  Some of us made Easter Baskets for the school competition.  We learned new Easter songs and used our writing skills in Easter cards to family and friends.

Our 2017 Ofsted inspection commented - that we still provide good quality education & a stimulating & caring environment. Individual needs are well met & children quickly grow in confidence. There is a positive culture for safeguarding & pupils said that they feel happy & settled in school.

"I am amazing. Together we are magnificent!"

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