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Year 2 - Potter Class

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Potter Class singing a special song to Potter parents

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Welcome to Potter Class

Welcome to Potter Class.


Did you know that we are called Potter Class after Beatrix Potter? She was born over 150 years ago! On our web page you will find lots of exciting things that we have been learning about and creating in school. 

Frog and the Stranger 

Over the last two weeks our English learning has been about the book Frog and the Stranger. In the book, a stranger called Rat arrives but Pig doesn't like him. Pig says that rats are dirty thieves. However, Frog gets to know Rat and discovers that he is a lovely friend who is very smart and helpful. These children worked together to change the story. They made a new version where Pig went to help Rat set up his camp when he saw that he had arrived. 

Forest School - Caveman Communication


This week in Forest School Miss Hollis had some very helpful children who kept the fire going in the kelly kettle. We heated up the water to use in our yummy hot chocolate. 


Potter Class discovered a note sent from a caveman. It asked us to find the puzzle pieces around the Forest School area. Once we found them, we put the pieces together to find that we had been sent instructions to make mud paint! We loved working together to dig up the mud and mix it with lots of powder paint and water. We then painted pictures in the style of cavemen drawings to show what we had been doing in Forest School. 

Forest School

On Monday morning we came into school feeling very excited and happy because we were making our first fire. Miss Hollis put the wood into a waffle shape so oxygen could get under the fire. She then made a spark using a flint and steel, this made the cotton wool go on fire. We had a very important job and we had to keep adding the fuel to the fire to keep it alight. We were very safe and we were brave when we put the sticks into the flames. 

Forest School 


Today we have been outside to start learning about lighting fires. We were safe like Little Brown Mouse when using the flint and steels. We all made a spark and we were so proud of ourselves!


In PE we've been balancing on the balancing spots! Some of us can even do it on one leg!! We have been jumping over hurdles when we run, we love this. On the ladders we have been practising our running by making sure we run on our balls of our feet and our hands move in a chopping motion. 



To start off the new term we have been exploring the book Journey. In this story, a little girl desperately wants to play with her parents and siblings but they are all busy. In the corner of her bedroom she finds a magical red crayon. She draws a door onto her bedroom wall which takes her into a beautiful forest. From here, the girl goes on a journey and draws different ways of transport to get her to a new friend at the end. 



The first look through the door.

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Igi and Benjamin tell their version of the start of the story.

Meeting the guards at the castle.

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Lilly and Bailey introduce us to the guards of the castle.

A happy ending.

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Briar and Juvraj are showing us the part of the story where the little girls finds a new friend.

Our 2017 Ofsted inspection commented - that we still provide good quality education & a stimulating & caring environment. Individual needs are well met & children quickly grow in confidence. There is a positive culture for safeguarding & pupils said that they feel happy & settled in school.

"I am amazing. Together we are magnificent!"

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