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Year 2 - Potter Class

Welcome to Potter Class.


Did you know that we are called Potter Class after Beatrix Potter? She was born over 150 years ago! On our web page you will find lots of exciting things that we have been learning about and creating in school. 

Picture 1 Some of our favourite Beatrix Potter characters!
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Forest School


We have been learning how to light fires in Forest School. First we gathered dry wood which we have found around the Forest School area. Next we made a waffle shape with the wood so the air can get underneath it. Then we used cotton wool as fuel. After that, Miss Hollis used the flint and steel to light the cotton wool. Then we carefully put a bundle of small dry wood pieces on top of the flaming cotton wool. Some of us were very brave and put wood onto the fire ourselves to keep it burning. 

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Below are some fun websites for you to try at home.


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